Monday, April 24, 2006


I finished the thesis on Friday in a flurry of flying papers and handed the whole 137-page-long thing with a Table of Contents and Abstract and everything over to my boss right before he left at 5:15. He has to look it over, then give it back to me for revisions, then I schedule my defense and hand it out to my committee to read. After my defense, I make changes according to my committee's suggestions, then make a bunch of copies and hand it in to the Graduate School (and my boss, and both of my parents who hopefully can understand something in it, and one copy for me) and pick up my Ph.D. Since May is already coming up this week, my boss wasn't sure if we could get all that done by the end of May, but I'm still hopeful.

I was so sick of looking at my computer by the end of the day Friday that I couldn't bring myself to even blog all weekend, although I did get on for five minutes on Sat and five minutes on Sun to delete all the dozens of junkmail messages I get every weekend. I'm in serious recovery mode now and hoping to get over my computer aversion soon.


mwz said...

Congrats. That's a big accomplishment.

uncle bruce said...

Neat! Are they going to make it into a movie?

J-Funk said...

Wow, that would be quite the super-spectacular movie! I better quick get it copyrighted so I can make money off of the script.