Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wandering the aisles of the grocery store

I have always hated to go to the grocery store. When I was in college, I shopped smart and freeloaded off my mom and boyfriend and roommates so that I only had to go to the grocery store once a month or less (and I usually kept it under $100, which is amazing). I ate mostly non-perishables, switched to soy milk (lasts longer), and bought fruits and veggies that can stay fresh in the fridge for weeks and weeks (apples, green pepper, carrots). When I moved to Minneapolis, where I hardly knew anyone, I had to go grocery shopping a little more often but still dreaded it like the plague.

What I hate about grocery shopping: 1) it always takes an hour, even if you only need one thing. 2) it is impossible to remember everything, so that you have to turn around a few days later and go back, spending another hour picking up that one thing you forgot 3) it is always freezing in the summer and way too hot in the winter 4) The amount of focus required to find and get what you need is momentous and maybe even Herculean - due to hoardes of other shoppers, fluorescent lights, canned muzak, and illogical food placement and 5) I also hate cooking, just so you know.

What has really saved me is having a very Studly Hubby who loves to cook and therefore freely offers to go grocery shopping. It is the mostly wonderful thing.

Nowadays I go to the grocery store for entertainment. I tail behind my Studly Hubby, and take my time picking out some of my favorite juice and then reading up on the tabloids, or hanging out in the soap aisle and then deciding what new kind of chocolate to try. This is grocery shopping at its finest.

This may have become one of my favorite weekend activities.


Tink said...

I HATE the grocery store! The crowds. The lack of products that you need. The price of everything. Even when you have only a few things, it always seems to cost a whole lot. Did you know you can order groceries off Amazon? I'm thinkin' about it. :)

Uncle KT said...

Tink: I've ordered groceries from Amazon. It's nice! However the quantities are large--like if you ordered direct from Costco or Sam's Club--so for me it isn't always the best option.

I don't know about you two--I've always loved the grocery store! Still do! I agree about the price and crowds--but I can't get over how many options we have!

Eric said...

I liked this post... you said something about feedback.

I Know why I like it, but can't articulate.

susan said...

The grocery store and I are friends...especially late at night when nobody else it there. It never occurred to me that anyone would hate it!

uncle bruce said...

I like it best when they have free samples. That's Saturdays around here.

J-Funk said...

I'm with Tink. The rest of you are strange. Except for Eric, who liked my post (thanks Eric!).

Ordering groceries is a great idea. If I didn't have a Studly Hubby doing my grocery shopping I would have resorted to that years ago I think.