Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mystery at the Science Lab

Yesterday a mystery note appeared on my bench that said,

'Youth medium in blue for Faith'

What does this mean to you?

Stop and think for a minute.

Most of you that don't work in a science lab are probably thinking that the note describes a shirt size or other piece of clothing.

Well the rest of us that work in a science lab interpreted it completely differently. We refer to 'medium' as bacteria food (eg 'growth medium') and Faith is someone who used to work in the lab, so several of us were thinking that it was a note requesting a specific type of growth medium that Faith needed. Especially since the note was found under some old lab notebooks. So we were all trying to figure out what 'Youth Medium' would be and why it might be blue.

We asked all around and couldn't find the author of the note so we did what any fiesty group of people did; we stuck with the dumb idea that it was really a weird kind of growth medium that nobody had ever heard of and not a T-shirt size.

Eventually the author of the note showed up and when she found out about the discussion we had been having about her note she laughed at us for almost ten minutes. It turns out it really was a T-shirt size and we're just a bunch of big nerds.

But at least it entertained us for almost a full day.


Uncle KT said...

I thought of that note both ways and laughed to find out that it WAS in fact about a T-shirt. HA

Newt said...

OMG, I have tears in my eyes. You guys are TOO funny.

Eric said...

Shouldn't they have capitalized Medium, if it were for growth.

also "Youth medium in blue, for Faith."

I just think it's misleading both ways.

Umn... Super Nerdy.

The best part is that it was like a Sherlock Holmes mystery in the office....

*big office Meeting*

big Wig " Ladies and gentleman, I'm going to need you all to turn out your pockets and empty the contents onto the table!."

*much shuffling, and the sounds of tons of keys hitting the table*

Big Wig, "Now we have found this note, and we suspect something amiss.... anyone involved needs to fess up immediately.."

Jimmy Zit face " Sir, it was me that ate the last piece of Tiffany's Birthday Cake, that was left in the refrigerator.... It was really late, I was tired and trying to get all my samples done.. I just ate it.... I'm really sorry Tiffany, I'll take you out to lunch *sob sob*"

Big Wig, "Nope this is by far more serious..... ladies and gentleman we found this note, and I'm going to pass it around *note shuffling*..... What it says, and I have a picture here on the overhead. *overhead fan comes to life* I would have done a PowerPoint but I got a virus this morning when I opened up a picture of Anna kournikova on my computer this morning.... But I digress....
The note says "Youth medium in blue for faith."... Now we have combed our files for any Youth Medium... or Blue Medium projects. and can't find any... management suspects that some of you have been working on a project privately to create a "Blue or youth medium." As you all know this is a violation of your contracts, and any Revolutionary "Medium" development projects, belong to this company and we will sue you for the patent.... we are going to need any materials about this project turned over immediately, and anyone involved is going to have to subjected to Immediate disciplinary action............. ANYONE?????"

Author of note, "Umn Sir... that was an order for her Cousin, for a blouse for my daughter."

Big Wig, "er.... Umn... er....Ah.... Alright, carry on! Move along, nothing to see.

J-Funk said...

KT - you are SMART!

Newt - I'm glad this was entertaining to you, I wasn't sure if anybody outside of my daily interactions would find it even remotely funny

Eric - Hahaha, that is a funny picture you painted!!!