Saturday, November 24, 2007

Seattle Half-Marathon: Pre-Run Jitters

Today we trekked over to the Westin hotel in downtown Seattle to register for the half-marathon, pick up a race bib and pacer, and cruise through the expo. It was quite a show with people everywhere and stuff all over the place. It is friggin' cold here in Seattle this week (35F) so I bought some light-weight gloves and warmer synthetic socks than the other ones I had. I am very slowly turning into a full-blown runner. One of these days I will really look like one, and then nobody will recognize me!

I am getting nervous. I wasn't nervous until we went to that blasted expo. It is nice and sunny and very pretty out today (although cold) and we are definitely prepared, so I have no reason to be nervous. This is also not my first half-marathon (it's my second), and we aren't traveling and I'm not sick or anything.

But it's 13 miles!!!

The thing I'm really fixed on is the cold weather. It stinks no matter which way we do it. If we dress for the hike over there and the wait at the start line, I'll be way too warm for the race. I could wear a warm sweatshirt and then throw it away at the start line, or use a 'drop-bag' that they collect from you at the start and then give back to you at the finish. The 'drop-bags' can be a hassle though, especially when the race starts at 7:30 am and you don't want to get there any earlier than you have to. So I'm still working on my options.

Tonight we're going to go out for a big meal with some buddies we are running the race with tomorrow, at Mama's in Belltown (a hip part of downtown).

They are very fast runners and are all into 'carb-loading' and all that. They also look really cool when they run. I want to look cool and carb-load too, so I hang out with them hoping I will absorb their running coolness through osmosis. We will also be 'recovering' with them at another restaurant after the race tomorrow.

7:30 am, get ready!