Friday, November 23, 2007


What does one do on the day after Thanksgiving?

Well, we slept in, had turkey leftovers, and adventured over to Ballard to check out a funky gift shop, Archie McPhee's (fun place!). Then my VERY Studly Hubby took me to the movies to see Enchanted, a totally girly movie about a fairy tale princess who ends up in Manhattan and is helped out by the super smokin' hot Patrick Dempsey.

Did I mention Patrick Dempsey is smokin' hot?

So is my Studly Hubby. He was one of only three males in the otherwise packed movie theater and he did not complain once. Not even when I made him hold my hand.

Then we came home and I finally got around to washing our running ballcaps. This should have been done way before now. After a good scrubbing, they were like-new and all ready for the Big Run on Sunday.

I hope you had a good day-after-Thanksgiving too!!


Eric said...

I went running, to be supportive of your run. I'm super excited for you tomorrow.

Ok, to be honest, I went running for myself...

but I am super excited for the run, then I'm excited for whatever is next.

Go, Hubby and J-Funk!!!!!(I just can't do the "studly" part. No aspersions on his Virility, I'm just indifferent.)

Margot said...

from Bruce, Margot, Alison and Ryan.


We are veging while you are running. Your aunt N is at the Seeing Eye and will get a new dog on Monday.

Mad Cabbie said...

Happy two days after Thanksgiving J-Funk!

J-Funk said...


Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!!