Monday, November 26, 2007

Seattle Half-Marathon

2007 Official Finish Time (Chip Time): 2:25:43 ...11.1 min/mile average!!!

(Actual Time, 2:30:50)

Woo-hoo!! We beat our goal by almost five minutes! And we shaved off A FULL TEN MINUTES from our previous half-marathon time (2:35:37, Vancouver 2007). Wow, I am super impressed with myself.

And now for some pictures, from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper (our pics aren't in yet)

This is the half-marathon crowd running down 5th Ave at the start of the race. There were over 11,000 registered for all the events over the weekend.

Someone ran barefoot! You can see their pacer chip tied around one ankle (what's on the other ankle???). I have seen people running barefoot but never at a race or when the temperature was below 70. It is an incredibly strange thing.

Everyone gets a medal at the end! They are even kinda pretty. If you want, the volunteers will even put them around your neck for you.


Peggy said...

That is so completely excellent! Well done and congratulations again. I'm assuming that you'll be wearing it for a couple of weeks but after that where will you hang your medal?

uncle bruce said...

What is chip time and how is it different from actual time?

J-Funk said...

peggy: I'm not sure. We still have our medals from the Vancouver half-marathon and we're not sure what to do with that one either. Any ideas?

Bruce: Chip time is the time you ran according to a chip you wear on your ankle (it starts as soon as you cross the start line, which can be five minutes after the gun goes off if there are 5,000 people in front of you). Actual time (or "gun time") is the time from when the gun goes off to start the race until whenever you cross the finish line.

Katy said...

I believe that the barefooted guy has a road id on his other ankle. So if he keels over they (EMS) knows who to call. They are cheap and everyone should think about getting one if they are doing any kind of race. Google "road id".

Katy said...

oh yeah...and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!