Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday's Post

It took almost everything I had to post last night. I got home from work late, thanks to some surprise results that caught me off guard (the frustrating kind, not the good kind), and we had to go running because we skipped Thursday's run because it was pouring outside (the heavy pouring kind not the tolerable drizzle kind) and I was exhausted because I had put my heart and soul into rewriting a paper for my old boss in Minnesota (my heart and soul!). So at 9 pm last night I told my Studly Hubby I just couldn't force out a post and he said, "Just post one word! or a link! you can do it!" It was just the encouragement I needed. I did it and I'm very proud. Thanks Studly Hubby!

He is chatting with his sister now. He's become overzealous about life lately and is getting up at the obscenely early time of 6 am. So on Saturday he gets up at 6 am, plays around on his computer, and calls his relatives in the midwest. Then when I get up three hours later he's been wide awake for ages and is thick in the middle of his own party. Well it's fun to hear him talking to his sister, they are good buddies.

I wanted to put one more link out there for any of you who are interested. It's the USA Track and Field's website for creating and finding running routes: On their website you can use google maps to map out a printable running route and find out mileage and elevation. It's very useful!


Eric said...

I totaly understand, it gets rough. I almost had to back date a day because I almost forgot.

I don't think anyone would be offended if you posted.


Or *sigh*

or a one word emotion.

and fake steve jobs was entertaining for a few minutes.

Also, I'm enjoying your posting of your full range of emotions.

susan said...

Yay for your hubby! (and yay for you too!) I can so relate to not wanting to get those posts out...and then when I do just put *something* out there, everyone tells me it's too lame. ARRGGGHHHH!