Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day

Today was a holiday at the University of Washington, but it was never a holiday for me growing up so I wasn't properly psyched for it. Besides, my Studly Hubby had to work today, and whenever he has to work I try to work too so we can spend our free time together.

So, I went in to work and worked all day. But not everybody else was there so it was a very mellow day. I decided to take advantage of the quiet and get caught up on deskwork, like reading papers and such. It was nice. Isn't that weird, when I 'get to' work on a holiday and I say, "it was nice!"? I guess I like my job.

It's weird having a holiday right before two major holidays. I always felt that way about MLK day, too - although MLK day is after the two major holidays so maybe more useful. March is when I could really use a holiday. I think I really miss spring break. Or maybe it's all about being psyched for it - all those years growing up looking forward to spring break has ruined me.

So I propose we have a holiday in March. We should call it J-Funk Day.

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