Saturday, November 03, 2007

2nd post for the day, whoa!!

I said in my earlier post that I probably wouldn't be in the mood to post after my ten-mile run and a full day of heinous paper editing. But, I was wrong. I'm in a much better mood to post now that it's over, and I probably shouldn't have posted before when I was all crabby because I was right in the thick of it all. But, as part of naBLOpoMO, now you will see that side of me too.

I'm posting so I can share with you all two things:

1. My new adoration of Goo. (The edible kind.) It's for runners (and probably other endurance sports) and provides you a shot of sugar and electrolytes when you're getting really depleted at the end of a crazy long run. And it's in the form of Goo so you can choke it down super easy when you'd really rather be throwing up. It comes in all kinds of flavors, with or without caffeine. For our first half-marathon, last spring, we didn't learn about it until just before the race so we didn't use it for training but did during the race itself. I thought it was very helpful but my Studly Hubby was pretty neutral. This time we thought we'd incorporate it into the training so we could really figure out how to use it for maximum benefit. So halfway through our run, we cruised through a running store and bought a bunch of Goo. This time my Studly Hubby loved it so much he had seconds. Our favorite is the Vanilla Bean. We got the one with caffeine and I think I might still be a little hopped up from it.

2. A funny exchange I had with my Studly Hubby after our crazy long run, which went something like this (it's kinda long, but is funny in several parts, so it's worth it):

Me (slyly): so, are there any kitchen items you might have been wishing for?
note: Christmas is coming up, for those of you who are still clueless
Studly Hubby (catching on with amazing speed): well... I would really like a grater... and an icing knife...
Me: Hrm, that's very interesting...
(note: I immediately rush to a notepad to write this down, for fear important information won't be retained, can't find notepad, gets on computer instead, and send a self-addressed email with the subject: ideas for D for Christmas)

2 hrs later...

Studly Hubby: hey! we should watch last Thursday's Office on
(note: yup, this is a blatant advertisement for the website my Studly Hubby helped make)
Me: ok! let me pull out my computer. Oh hey! I have an email! (pause) Oh shoot! you weren't supposed to see that!
Studly Hubby (laughing): don't worry, I forgive you...
Me: really?
Studly Hubby: yeah! my love for you is unconventional
Studly Hubby: I mean, unconditional!

Note from me: I kinda like the unconventional kind too! I think...


Peggy said...

I do not know about this Goo of which you speak. Is it like the Slime of old that came in a little plastic garbage can?

Love the DP/SH conversation!

Eric said...

try not to Overdose on one flavor, it's a "Classic Blunder", variety packs.

J-Funk said...

Peggy: I'm not sure. I've heard of this slime, but never had it. The Goo is probably like slime for grown-ups (not quite as yummy and not quite as bad for you).

Eric: ok, we'll be sure to keep changing it up