Monday, November 05, 2007

Human Tetris!

I asked my Studly Hubby what I should post about today (Monday itself isn't much to post about) and he said excitedly "Human Tetris!"

Well I had no idea what this was but since I'm a total Tetris addict I naturally had to go get on YouTube and check it out.

It turns out Human Tetris is a Japanese game show where people try to make their body into certain shapes so they can fit through a shape cut out of a wall. It's kind of like limbo, only instead of going under a ever-lower pole you're going through an ever-stranger shape cut out of a wall. The wall moves towards the person and the person stands in front of a pit of water so that if the person doesn't fit through the shape, then the wall will push them into the water. I watched a clip and it's actually really entertaining. The shapes in the wall are seemingly impossible to contort your body into but they still manage it (sometimes).

It kind of makes me want to play Tetris.


Eric said...

the tetris was much more enjoyable than I expected. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I really randomly ran into that show flipping around the French stations, only it was all Russian. wierd!