Saturday, May 13, 2006

Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

The results of a three-month-long run of constant deadlines for both my Studly Hubby and myself is that the hygeine of our apartment takes a huge hit. Now that I have a break, I'm in the midst of a thorough top-to-bottom apartment cleaning in anticipation of:
- my Big Graduation Celebration, including a much-anticipated backyard BBQ at our place!
- a visit from my mom and brother, as part of the Big Graduation Celebration
- our eventual move, which will require some amount of cleaning anyway
- potential apt showings by our landlord, coming up quick (not as important but since I'm cleaning anyway...)

An accumulation of cleaning experiences throughout my life, including the one I am embarking on this weekend, has taught me a few things. I have learned:
- I hate cleaning
- cleaning really blows
- no matter how much is cleaned, there is always more

I have also thought of a few things that may help:
- hire a cleaner or hypnotize your friends and get them to do it
- don't look behind the refrigerator while cleaning, or ever
- a gas mask, rubber suit and heavy machinery can really help get the job done quickly and safely

I am really hoping that this is my last top-to-bottom cleaning while we are living in this apartment and that all the work I have done this weekend will somehow manage to last until the end of the week when everyone is coming over. We may have to move into a hotel for a few weeks to help facilitate those wishes, but that would be ok. At least then I wouldn't have to clean.


arial said...

Try cleaning your house to sell it. Not fun!

Uncle KT said...


I empathize with the cleaning...thank goodness i live in a studio! Even a "big" cleaning takes about an hour.

BUT please check your email...I have to ditch out on spinning on Sunday!!! I lost your phone number...

Uncle KT said...

I put a link to your blog on my's the only link i have.

Peggy said...

Get somebody in. You're too busy to be dealing with things as mundane as cleaning a bathroom.