Saturday, May 13, 2006

Google Bomb Victory

Our Google Bomb has worked! If you do a search on Google for "super awesome PhD advisor" my advisor's website is the first that comes up.


Just in time for my thesis defense on Friday, where I will demonstrate the results of our carefully executed plan to my committee members, my colleagues, my department, and my super awesome PhD advisor himself.


arial said...

That's pretty cool. Have you noticed the info on his page is seriously old though?

J-Funk said...

Yes, one of the conditions of the Google Bomb is that we have to get him to update his website after I announce the Bomb at my thesis. I think he will, considering how famous he is now.

uncle bruce said...

Awesome! You have powerful magic, and so does your super awesome PhD advisor!

Dr. Mysterio said...

Nice work! He does need to update that thing. You should get Derek to webcast your defense so those of us in other parts of the country can see it.