Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Signature Cafe

After my Big Thesis Defense on Friday my Studly wanted to take me to a fancy place for dinner. We hemmed and hawed for a while about where to go - it's surprisingly hard to find a good fancy restaraunt, probably because we don't go to fancy restaraunts very often. We finally settled on the Signature Cafe in the Prospect Park neighborhood (my old neighborhood, only a hop away). This is a restaraunt on a side street in an otherwise 100% residential and very old neighborhood, so it's a bit tucked away, but it happens to be on the route to my friend's place who lives in the same neighborhood so we pass by it often (but wouldn't otherwise). I figured, a place like that has to be good otherwise nobody would ever think to go there.

It certainly was good. The atmosphere was very quiet and private, the service was great, and the food was totally fantastic. I had the ribs and my husband had the crabcakes (about $25 per entree). I just about died with each bite due to taste-bud sensory overload. You could tell they used good-quality ingredients and took their time cooking it to perfection, and the flavor was really delicious. The serving size wasn't obnoxiously small or large, either. This is definitely a place I would recommend.

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