Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Google Bomb

The Google Bomb, according to Wickipedia, is a certain attempt to influence the page rankings that come up on Google through linking certain words to specific websites (some think that "Google Bomb" should more appropriately be called "Link Bomb").

Here's how it works: Google's search algorithm takes into account the specific words that are used to link to certain pages, so that if a bunch of different people use, say, the phrase "more evil than Satan" to link to Microsoft, then when you type this phrase into the Google search engine, Microsoft will come up. More recently this phrase has been used to link to articles about this Google Bomb phenomenon, so now those articles will come up instead.

The most interesting, and most recently buzzed about, Google Bomb is that for the phrase Miserable Failure, which happens to lead you straight to a biography of George W. Bush.


Peggy said...

I have no idea what they are, but it seems that I am number one and number two if you google "crackle birds" even though I don't know what they are and I suspect it is Grackle being misspelled. If this bird does exist, I hope somebody lets me know because I'm supposed to be an authority. (most of the searchers are from the south, mainly Texas)

J-Funk said...

Hmmmm, perhaps you are a victim of Google Bombing, although for what purpose and logic we will never know...