Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Spears Baby

Brittany Spears has announced she's pregnant again - the "baby bump" rumors are true. Excuse the pun, but you have to wonder, did she ever think, "oops! I did it again!"?

This reminds me of something I once read regarding natural selection. Remember, natural selection was Darwin's finding that the traits that enhance survival are naturally selected for, whereas traits that don't enhance survival are lost. It's very unfortunate, but in today's world, natural selection of humans is continuing but in an unexpected way. Educated, career-driven and environmentally aware women are having fewer babies. Uneducated "trailor-trashy" women are having lots of babies, as many as they can. Therefore trailor trash is mulitiplying rapidly while educated populations are diminishing.

We are selecting for trailer trash.

Go Brittany Go!


Uncle KT said...

I love this post. You have applied Darwin's theories to Brittany Spears! That's AWESOME!!

Peggy said...

Good call J-Funk! However, as in nature, the species that are good parents have fewer offspring and devote more resources to them. The species that just lay their eggs and go, have to have loads of little ones to ensure that at least a couple can go on to get the genetic material moved on to the next generation. We already know that Mr Brittany has two from a previous relationship and the Spears-Federline spawn has already been photographed in his mother's lap while driving (dangerous) AND it has been rumoured that he had a knock on the head falling out of his highchair. I put it to you that perhaps the non-trailer trash breeders do not NEED to have the quantity of children as they are more successful with just a few. It will always balance out. I have another whole argument about the sons of poor people going off to be in the infantry while the offspring of the educated and wealthy stay safe.

arial said...

Unfortunately for Peggy's argument the goverment (seatbelt laws, public health etc.) and modern medicine do too much to make sure stupid people don't die.

As one of my high school science teachers said when a friend of mine suggested killing the parents who were too stupid to figure out where to go for parent/teacher conferences, "It's too late, they've already bred."

uncle bruce said...

Charles Darwin is rolling over in his grave.

J-Funk said...

Your comments are all totally hilarious! I really like our combined academic insight into the natural selection of stupid people. Maybe one of us should write a book or something.

I call not it! I barely even have time to clean my bathroom. Maybe we can hire a ghost writer.