Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Links Updates

I finally updated my links! Yippee!!

Here's a summary:

My super awesome PhD advisor is now on my links list. Go there every day to help us with our blog bomb. The more people that follow that link the better.

I have two friends named KT. They are both on the links list now. They are both girls; Uncle KT is the one that frequently posts comments here. Uncle KT started a blog for the purpose of the Google Bomb, but has now taken it to a whole new level. Speedy KT is a running superstar.

Peggy in Scotland also frequently posts comments here, and I have become addicted to her blog. This is the second blog I have become addicted to that is by a person I don't know (well, I actually have met her and there's a picture floating around that proves it but I don't in fact remember her very well so I don't count it). The other blog I am addicted to that is by a person I don't know is Aja the Upbeat AM Student's blog, a classmate of my Studly Hubby's.

1 comment:

Uncle KT said...

I am so excited that I'm in your links section!! Now I really have to figure out how to update MY links section!