Thursday, May 18, 2006

Final Preparations

I am down to my last 24 hours of preparations for my Big Final Thesis Defense, which is tomorrow at 10 am. I have prepared a talk and practiced it once, I have created some visual effects for the announcement of our Google Bomb, I have put in my two cents worth on how the after-party should be carried out, I got my hair cut, my teeth cleaned, my computer hard drive cleaned up, my two laser pointers are ready to go and the paperwork is in an envelope in my backpack. Although there are still a few more things to do this afternoon, including another practice talk and some big decisions to make (what food should I provide for the masses that come to my talk? what should I wear? just how many pictures of my husband and horse can I put in at the end without it becoming obnoxious?), I think I'm almost there. What a weird feeling.


Peggy said...

Good luck kiddo! I'll be rootin' for ya.

tom said...

Good luck, Josie!