Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One Happy Dr!

This is me after I got back from passing my thesis defense. Even though I knew I would pass, I think I was still a little surprised, or maybe I was just surprised that it was all over all of a sudden. In my hands in the picture you can see the Very Important Form that has all the necessary signatures for me to get my PhD, and I walked that form over to the Graduate School almost immediately after this picture was taken for fear of it getting lost (which according to urban legend has happened to a few unfortunate graduate students).

Now I have also turned my thesis into the Graduate School along with the rest of my forms and am officially Done With It, so that I can take the day off tomorrow and rest. I am having some friends over for lunch (oddly I'm not the only one that happens to be home tomorrow) and I also plan to clean out my car, which I am giving to my brother this weekend (good-bye car, you will be missed!). Hopefully in between there will be some time for sitting around and drooling all over myself.


Anonymous said...

congratulations DR!

enjoy your day off and car cleaning :)

the pic of you is great!


Uncle KT said...

I don't even remember anyone having a camera!!! Congrats again...BTW...did anyone tell you you look like Jennifer Love Hewett?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Lesia told me I have to refer to you as Dr. Josie now, which I am more than glad to do. :) Japan is great, although they've just recently informed me that I'm here another year involuntarily, someone goofed on my paperwork and I get to live on this lovely island one more year! Yippee!! Anyway, my boyfriend and I have a site on "Myspace". Yeah I know join the Lemmings, right? :) Anyway, the site is... http://www.myspace.com/peachesandpiesy
Check it out and enjoy! Tell Derek I said hi! Have a great day and keep in touch!
<3 Meg

J-Funk said...

Megan! What a treat! I think you've clenched it - I'm going to have to get a MySpace account so I can post comments on all the MySpace blogs.