Monday, May 01, 2006

More Hot Yoga

Now that the thesis is getting done, and the housework has been tackled, I finally felt like some hot yoga was in order. I cruised on out on Sunday morning to my favorite Uptown Bikram studio and revisited the good old times (1.5 hr long yoga class in a 105F room with 50% humidity). This time there were no guys wearing the Big Silver Underpants, no Dangerously Nauseated Dudes, or Precariously Off-Balance Big Fat Men to entertain me, which was both disappointing and a bit of a relief. I had to instead entertain myself which isn't too hard when I'm sweating like a pig (except pigs don't sweat so I'm really sweating like a huge football player in a step aerobics class, and believe me, that gets sweaty). When I sweat that much, my hands slip right off my limbs when I try to grab them, the sweat goes up my nose and gets in my eyes, my towel gets soaked, and my feet slip on the floor. I have to concentrate just to do the basic things we're supposed to be doing without totally screwing it up because I'm so sweaty. And every chance I'm not falling over or trying not to fall over, I am scrambling to drink water because I'm getting totally dehydrated. I don't really know how people do that class on a daily basis - you would have to drink gallons of water to replenish what you lost (or maybe you just start sweating less eventually?).

But for some reason I still love it and was thrilled to be back and plan to go again as soon as I can. I'm addicted.

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