Monday, May 15, 2006

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lingerie

I am going to go get my hair cut tonight. Whenever I get my hair cut and I don't know quite what I want, I look through magazines and sometimes cut a good picture out to take in to my hair dresser. The picture I found that I liked this time around was Jennifer Love Hewitt, in her new role as a model for Hanes underwear. So the picture is of Jennifer Love Hewitt in her lingerie, and it seems a bit inappropriate to take in to the salon. The picture on the left is a variation of the theme, with hair that is not quite what I was going for but more appropriate attire, and this picture would definitely be better for taking into the salon. Or, I could take the good picture I have at home and simply cut her head out of it. Maybe I should glue her cut-out head onto a stick and take it in like that, then they'll really think I'm weird... but at least not a weird pervert.


Uncle KT said...

I say bring in the underware pic. They put it in magazines for everyone to see...Plus you are bringing it to a salon, not say, an elementary school.

Getting a good hair cut is worth looking like a perv!

Derek said...

I don't see how anybody would not want to see Jennifer Love hewitt in her underwear.

J-Funk said...

Hopefully the haircut itself doesn't make me look like a perv!

I did take the pic in and didn't get much of a reaction.