Thursday, May 25, 2006

Memorial Day Weekend

As I continue to recover from The Big Thesis Defense, I have incorporated a little vacation to Iowa for Memorial Day weekend. It should be fun, but there are lots of changes happening right now...

1. My car is being inherited by my brother.

2. My mom is looking to buy a new house, and selling the farm where I spent most of my childhood.

3. My brother (same one with the car, he lives with my mom) has a friend moving in for the summer so there has been an addition to the family crowd and someone to do battle with over the extra bedroom.

4. My horse is going to be sold or given away - we will be hunting for a good home for him starting this weekend.

In addition to all that, my dad is looking to sell his house too (why do you and my mom always act in parallel?!) and we are flying out to Seattle in two weeks to look for apartments...! Only two months until the big cross-country move.


uncle bruce said...

So you'll be saying goodbye to Silk. What a big sweetie.

J-Funk said...

He is! This is very hard. Hopefully we can find him a good home.