Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Celebration Plans

As the Big Thesis Defense and Graduation loom nearer, and I can put some distance between now and The Big Stressful Spring I just dealt with, I feel ready to start making plans for The Big Graduation Celebration that is in order for the weekend after my graduation (which is May 19). My mom is thinking about coming up to celebrate with me, and just now I had the bright (or not-so-bright) idea of having a backyard BBQ afterwards to celebrate, although our yard isn't too terribly huge and neither is our apt so I'm still working out the details. The weekend after is Memorial Day weekend, and we already have plans to head back home to do some more celebrating with one of my little brothers, who is graduating from high school that weekend (two of my brothers are graduating high school this year). I feel a little burned out on Planning Things, so I'm trying to keep things simple but I think some sort of celebration would help make things official and important. Plus, I love spring BBQs.

Beer and brats and chips, yum! I love spring.

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Peggy said...

The local parks probably don't allow beer or you could reserve a picnic shelter . . . Just a thought. Local state parks have always been a good venue for a big picnic/celebration. You just have to be sure of the good weather or have an RV handy.

Have fun with all the celebrating you've got this spring.