Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hurricane Wilma

Another hurricane was heading for Florida on Sunday so of course my mom hopped a plane heading straight into it and dragged my grandma with her. My uncle (her brother) is getting married Wednesday near Orlando and they had originally planned to go Monday. They thought they would go a day early instead to be sure to be there for all the chaos. From the sounds of it, some fruit got blown off the trees, a few branches fell here and there, the fence is looking a little worse, but all seems to be ok. I guess when it comes down to it there's actually not much to do but stay inside and wait it out, and that's exactly what they had to do. They sent a few emails to me and checked my blog, and probably watched some tv and took a nap, and then when it was all over they went outside and helped clean up the yard. I guess in addition to the hurricane there were a few tornados and unfortunately the golf course was closed today and several people in the party had wanted to go play.

Most important, the wedding is still on (I think) and all the activities are resuming as planned this afternoon, without the golfing. Congrats Steve and Sandy! Sorry I couldn't be there!


Byron said...

This is the BEST BLOG EVER!! Anyone who doesn't read this blog is DUMB! Yea J-funk!

Liz said...

Hey girl!! I agree...it was rather odd that Gma and your mom headed to Florida right when the hurricane was about to begin. Those silly women. :) Anywho...just wanted to say hi and let you know that I read your blog regularly, though I don't always comment. ;)
Your cuz,

J-Funk said...

LIZ!!! I had no idea you were reading my blog!! I'm so excited.

Hope you're liking Minnesota...!