Monday, October 17, 2005

Gvisit and Blog Sloggers

I have had my website monitored by a tool available at gvisit. You can see who is visiting my website here. I, of course, am obsessed with it and check it quite frequently and have realized the following:

- a LOT of random people visit my website (welcome! grab a cookie!)
- a few of these random people visit my website regularly (glad to see you again! more cookies?)
- my friends visit my website less regularly (what happened to 50 times a day people? You've been slacking! RSS feeds don't cut it!)
- the gvisit thing misses a few visits, and misplaces even more visits, but gives me a pretty good idea of the kind of traffic I'm getting which is quite fun - the bad thing is it only updates about three times a day
- I visit my own website obsessively

I have also had quite a few blog sloggers come through here. This is my definition of any kind of solicitor, but is not limited to that definition as I have used it before to describe other kinds of blogging. When I changed the comments section to require re-entry of a random string of letters the frequency of blog sloggers went way down, but I still get a few. One was specifically for a post I made about giant microbes (a few down) and may have been the result of a smart kind of web crawler search engine thingy that I was pretty impressed by. I want to get one of those thingies. I would search out all blogs that mention ME and then comment about MYSELF on their blog. That's probably only a few blogs, and they are probably all blogs I know about. But still! it would be pretty neat-o.


CTG said...

I am obsessed with your blog too, J- funk. I just try not to show it.

I've seen those giant microbes!! They are so cute. There isn't a Listeria. I work on something related to pseudomonas now, but I don't think they make that one either.

arial said...

Maybe your gvisit thing is missing when your friends visit. Look, here I am.