Monday, October 10, 2005

The Car Prognosis

My Studly Mechanic called me today to let me know he thinks he can fix my car up - it needs to have the water drained out and the spark plugs replaced and the oil and filter changed but it seems to be ok. It still hasn't started however because they haven't actually done anything but look at it. He estimated it would cost about $250. Not bad! Now I just need to remember not to do it again.

We are having totally fantastic fall weather here, this is the best season in the midwest. We have loads of sunshine, warm weather during the day, and lots of autumn smells and colors. Everyone tries to get out in it as much as possible since every nice day may be the last.

After a distracting week last week my Studly Hubby had to spend the entire weekend trying to get his assignment done at top-speed. He pulled out all the stops to maximize his work time and was so exhausted after he turned in the assignment Sun night he could hardly see straight. Not too exhausted to go to Chipotle though.

Mmmmm, Chipotle.

A Happy Birthday to my little bro Eli tomorrow! Hope being four is as good as being three. It certainly was for me.


Anonymous said...

Did you get the map thingy to work?

J-Funk said...

YES, and it's super fun! I'm getting hits from all over the country. Scroll down to the map and then click on it to see the current hits. I just got a hit from Sydney, Australia (hello, Sydney! Glad to hear from you!).