Sunday, October 09, 2005

Angry Cars

I think the entire race of cars are out to get me and my family. Or, a higher Car Accident God is trying to get us and the cars themselves are actually fighting it, because we've all stayed relatively safe (and dry). My little brother on my Mom's side got into a doozy of an accident last night taking some ladies to homecoming - they were all dressed up and caravanning there, picking up people all over the country side when a corner was taken too fast and a rollover ensued. Everyone made it out safe and sound although the car may be done for. And last night, my husband's car tricked me into forgetting to turn the lights on TWICE and I almost hit someone.

Another funny thing happened last night. I went to the airport to pick someone up, parked in the short-term GREEN lot, followed the signs to the international pickup area, found the person I was picking up, then all the elevators changed location and the GREEN lot moved to another side of the airport. I swear. It took us forty-five minutes to find it again.

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