Monday, June 11, 2007

Watch out for that poo!

Yesterday we ran Seattle's Furry 5K, a race to benefit animal shelters. One of the perks is that anyone with a dog brings the dog, except for my co-worker who owns Pig-Dog - she doesn't trust him any more than one could trust an underpants-stealing gnome. We never thought we could go to a thing like that because we're not yet part of the "dog-owners" club, but nobody seemed to question us and we felt very welcome.

We went with a group from my work, some who brought dogs, and we had a very good time dog-watching (especially during the wait before the start of the race). The only trouble is, with a lot of dogs, there will be a lot of poo. Dog owners were for the most part good at cleaning up the dog poo but every once in a while a pile would be missed or not completely cleaned up, and you had to keep your eyes open for these little "landmines" as we called them. Our group was fortunate; only one among us was a victim. However a three-year-old daughter of a co-worker fell in some duck poo while playing by the lake and I think it was a pretty big pile because they actually ended up throwing away some of her clothes, so I suppose she was also a victim of a different kind of poo.

We had put a hold on the dog search for a few weeks while we acclimated to the Studly Hubby's new job situation and the horrendous commute that goes with it, but after yesterday our dog-sensors were stimulated once again and we were trying to figure out when the next good weekend would be to go find a doggie. The Studly Hubby has managed to parse his trip down to an hour each way by biking halfway there but it still might be some scheduling trouble - we may have to just take turns taking the dog to work with us (wouldn't that be fun?), or more reasonably, hire a mid-day dog-walker or take the dog to doggie daycare every once in a while. Yes these are the things city folks do with their dogs... I know it sounds silly but we live in a city so might as well try it right?

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