Monday, June 04, 2007

A bedtime story

I'm on a roll (see the many posts from tonight, below), so I thought I would go ahead and throw one more up.

Last night, I woke from my slumber to the sound of something crashing into something else. It sounded a lot like my Studly Hubby crashing into some furniture as he came stumbling to bed, which he often does (not because he is drunk but because he is kind and doesn't want to turn on the lights and wake me up). When I heard the loud crash, I said "baby! do you want me to turn on the light?"

Well it turns out the crash was from one of our upstairs neighbors, not my Studly Hubby. My Studly Hubby was already in bed sound asleep beside me. So he woke up in the deep of the night to me asking whether he wanted me to turn on the light. To which he replied (of course) "what! why?"

Being only half awake, I really didn't understand his reply. Nor did I understand how he suddenly appeared in the bed beside me when only seconds before he had been in the hallway crashing around into furniture and such. I think I groaned in confusion, because then he said, "I've been asleep!"

Well I really didn't get that, so I naturally fell asleep too (clearly it doesn't concern me when things don't make sense in the middle of the night). In the morning, we each told our sides of the story and got it all figured out. Hooray!


Tink said...

At least you both remembered it in the morning. Sometimes I have sleep conversations with Hoop and only one of us remembers it the next day. THAT gets pretty confusing.

Kathy said...

hahahahahaha this has me laughing out loud!

funny funny things go on at times when we are sleeping. i know i have some really funny stories!

Newt said...

I've "checked" to see if hubby is in bed by whipping my arm over to his side of the bed.

"Ow, what the hell"

"Oh, I guess you are in bed, sorry"

I have NO idea why I do that to him.