Monday, June 04, 2007

Touristing over the weekend

We did some good old-fashioned touristing last weekend (I'm a little behind on my posts, but I wanted to get some pictures up so better late than never).

On Saturday, the day Aunt and Uncle C&M arrived, we took them out to Snoqualmie Falls. When we were in Minnesota, the Place to Take Visitors was Minnehaha Falls (especially because we lived within biking distance of there and they had a Dairy Queen). Now, it's Snoqualmie Falls. Let me tell you, Snoqualmie Falls is way better. It is such a huge waterfall (size reference in the picture: there is a building up at the top of the falls, if you squint you can see it) that we got wet from the spray when we got down to the bottom. Nice!

On Sunday we went hiking at Deception Pass State Park. This was the perfect place to go, because it was raining in Seattle on Sunday but the park is located about two hours away in a place where it wasn't raining (it was even sunny for a while there!). Deception Pass is a bridge connecting the mainland to Whidby Island, which is a very long island in the Puget Sound. Around the bridge there is a georgeous park with breathtaking views of the Sound and little islands and peninsulas you can explore on their many trails. They also have a campground and it is so far our #1 choice if we ever get a chance to go camping (although we have so many other places to explore, we'll see).

There were many spots we found where we could have just sat and stared out at the view all day long. It was just amazing.

On Monday we slept in a little and then headed downtown to see Pike's Place Market, the rest of downtown, and the Space Needle. They happened to be having a Folk Life festival at the Space Needle so it was a little over-run with hippies but we still managed to beat our way through the crowds and take a trip up to the top. It was very fun to see Seattle from way-up-high, and they even had tour guides that I fired a bunch of questions at so I could properly orient myself.

All three days were filled with good weather, lots of outdoor activity, and beautiful sites. It was a great weekend! It's really nice to have visitors over the holiday weekend so you have an excuse to get out every day and go do fun things.


Tink said...

Awesome pictures! I love Pike's Place Market. I will never forget the smell of all that fresh fruit and flowers. I was in heaven. If it weren't for the damn volcanoes, I might consider moving there. :)

J-Funk said...

yeah, those volcanoes can be pesky :)

Katy said...

why is called deception pass? are you wearing a winter jacket??? It's june there right?

J-Funk said...

We wondered the whole time while we were there why it was called Deception Pass, and never found out. Nothing seemed deceiving about it, but maybe I was missing something...

Yes, we are wearing jackets. And we had our heat on last night. It's cold here!