Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Upcoming Camping

As a pleasant life distraction, we have decided to go camping with some friends this weekend at one of the many gorgeous campsites around here. We had trouble deciding where, but finally settled on the San Juan Islands - either we'll camp near the ferry terminal and spend the day on the Islands or if we can get a campsite on one of the Islands, we'll just spend the whole weekend there. From the Islands you can supposedly see Orca Whales. There is no way to the Islands by land (you have to take a 1 hr ferry), so this seems like a pretty exotic trip to me. Plus the area is more sunny than Seattle for some Ocean-effect reason, so the chances of good weather increase when you get up there.

We haven't camped since we moved to Seattle so don't really have our act together yet. We are going to go out and buy a tent tonight and may have to buy some other things. We are normally once-a-year campers, at best, so the whole routine may take some effort. Fortunately my hard-working Studly Hubby is bringing home piles of money again that we can toss around at REI and wherever else we need (the "throw money at the problem" approach, as a co-worker recently called it, is often the best and most effective).

Since the summer started I have not worked a single hour over the weekend. I can't bring myself to even think about it, it's so beautiful out and there are so many things to do. I've been trying to make up for it by putting in a few extra hours during the week, but then I end up taking a day off here and there for trips and various things. I am beginning to see that the two seasons here are: work (winter) and play (summer).

Well we're going to have a fun time playing this weekend.

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Eric said...

hygiene is important when camping. Toothbrush, some soap and a washcloth can do wonders for moral.
and don't launder a stream, or lake.

This reminds me, I want a good car camping tent.