Thursday, June 21, 2007

The dog that got away

Wednesday night the Studly Hubby and I both took off from work early in the afternoon and went over to a dog shelter in Bellevue (on the other side of the lake from where we live) to look at a poodle/mix they had there. The poodle looked perfect (1 y/o medium size, friendly and loves his toys) so we seriously rearranged our schedules to get over there as soon as they opened from being closed over the weekend.

It turns out 'as soon as they open' needed to be sooner than we thought - they often have a line of people waiting when their doors open at noon if they have a good, small dog available (especially if he's been advertised on the news, which this one hadn't). This particular dog already had two holds on him by the time we got there (a few hours later), and was being adopted out as we stood by watching. It was incredibly frustrating (especially because it took a huge chunk out of our afternoons!). We left the shelter thinking we might not be able to buy a "used" dog after all, and may need to just get a "new" one.

But one more prospect remained, and we decided to just call and check on that one before giving up entirely... (read below)...

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