Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The only campsite in the Northwest

Yesterday at work I spent most of the afternoon trying to get a campsite (aren't I a hard worker?). It turns out that of 6 state park campsites north of Seattle there was only ONE campsite left, which we snatched up immediately. Unfortunately it's located quite a ways away - a two hour drive and one hour ferry ride to a remote island. Once we get there it's going to be awesome, but driving north on a Friday night is quite a challenge here in the Seattle area. Traffic is bad all the time, even on Saturday, and that is the peak time for the peak route out for a fourth of July weekend getaway. I guess we have to get in line for the ferry a few hours in advance (although once you're in line you can leave your car and go out to dinner). But I've heard the ferry ride is pretty cool and the campsite looks awesome so I think it'll be worth it in the end. Besides we'll have stuff for s'mores so of course it'll be worth it.


mwz said...

Even though it sounds like a pain to get to, camping on an island could be pretty cool. At least you know there is water near by.

Uncle KT said...

Yea! for s'mores. I haven't been camping in a long time...but it sure it fun. I always cheat though and bring an air mattress. I never mastered sleeping on the ground, I'm too much of a city girl for that.