Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dog Update

It turns out, the dog is probably a cockapoo.

But before we found that out, we had an awful weekend that ended in us giving him back.

First the good: he was housebroke, and pretty polite, and didn't react to the noises of our neighbors and such. He was also pretty loving and cuddly and very cute once we cleaned up all his matted fur.

But then there was the bad: he had an awful reaction to his neuter surgery and was licking and biting until we had to put a cone on his head. He hated the cone, and was very sore so could hardly walk, and was too anxious to eat all weekend. Then, understandably, he got very crabby and started growling and snapping (in a sort of unprovoked, random way). Saturday night he bit me when I was feeding him a treat, and we started wondering whether he was going to work out. Sunday morning we woke up and made some phone calls and decided after much advice getting and reading our dog books that we weren't the right owners for him. Even if he got better and didn't bite anymore after a few weeks, we wouldn't trust him for a good six months and we never wanted that. Plus we wouldn't have the experience to deal with it, and we wouldn't ever trust him with little kids (meaning we couldn't keep him if we had kids of our own). And who knew if he would even get better? We had no history on this dog other than the hour or so I spent with him at the dog shelter and what little they could tell me.

So we weren't sure whether he was even still an adoptable pet and we made some phone calls to find out. The Seattle Humane Society said he wasn't (since he had bitten) but the Seattle Animal Shelter, which is a separate agency, said they would take him and do some behavioral testing and decide whether he was. We thought that was as good a chance as we could get for him and took him right over. We breathed a sigh of relief when we dropped him off but cried the whole way there.

So that was our weekend - yech! Hopefully next weekend will be better.


Uncle KT said...

Oh man, what a bad experience. In general I'm not a big fan of the fuzzy small dogs...I've had the most bad experiences with dogs that look like that. I hope that he'll find a new owner. Maybe a little old lady that lives alone or something.

Anonymous said...

I remember when we had to get rid of our dog because she was growling and nipping at our toddler. I thought I'd never stop crying. I'm praying for you and know you'll find the perfect fit for your family. You're one step closer!
Love ya,
Aunt Lisa

Dana said...

This was probably for the best. I just heard a story about your brother-in-law's sister's cat. She knew the cat and then had it spade. It hates her now. It is now her mother's cat. The cat gives her dirty looks and is no longer friendly towards her. The dog might have thought you were responsible for his pain. F.Y.I.

Peggy said...

Getting bitten is bad. I'm so sorry that you had that bad experience especially when you were being so good about adopting a dog that needs a home.

It just wasn't a good match. You'll find the right dog someday.

Was it a bad bite?

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