Monday, June 04, 2007

Local Favorites

I posted below about a few of my favorite things in general, but I thought I'd also let everyone know that we are making an effort to buy local, and join the millions of people who have recognized that local foods are brought to you using less energy. Buying local also supports the local economy!

Out here in the Northwest, it is easy to buy local. Before we even got here we were big fans of Seattle's Cascade Fresh Yogurt, which is yummy-delicious, low in sugar, and has excellent flavors like Orange Cream.

Once we arrived, I became an instant fan of a local brewery, Pyramid, and their Hefeweizen. Oh, that is good stuff! I may have to be un-local once we leave here and have some sent to me.

Now we are also big fans of a local chocolate company, Theo chocolates, and I am exuberantly looking forward to an opportunity to tour their chocolate factory (do you think it will be like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? I want to swim in a chocolate river!!).

There are also lots of neighborhood Farmer's Markets here in Seattle (and the big one at Pike's Place!) but when we can't get to those we always buy local at the PCC co-op. We even have a membership!

And then there's always the local salmon. Mmmm, that's yummy.


Peggy said...

Orange Cream sounds divine!

Keep on blogging!!!

Katy said...

you are turning into a hippie...