Thursday, June 07, 2007

A few random things

1. I ate THREE (3) bananas yesterday
2. I also ran EIGHT (8) miles yesterday
3. The run went much better than I expected
4. I have to give joint lab meeting (a presentation of my research to multiple labs) tomorrow
5. I've had butterflies in my stomach all day
6. That didn't prevent me from buying a big cookie this afternoon with some of the gals
7. If you go down to the cafeteria right at 2:45, you get fresh, HOT cookies straight out of the oven
8. It was so yummy I almost died
9. But cookies make me kind of hyper
10. So when I met with someone after to go over some data I was talking super fast and jumping all over
11. I think she just thought I was excited about the data
12. But it was really the cookie
13. The lock on our garage door is just barely working
14. And the locks on both the back doors of our car are having problems
15. Pretty soon we're going to just have to leave everything wide open and hope for the best
16. I'm supposed to be working on my presentation for tomorrow
17. But I really wanted to tell you about those three bananas I ate yesterday, my long run, and the big cookie
18. Well I guess I just did so time to go!

have a happy Friday everyone!

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