Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Visit from the Daddio!

My dad is visiting tomorrow for a conference that's here in town. We are having full-blown spring here and have even had a few sunny days in the past week so hopefully he'll see some of the best of Seattle (including the amazing flowering trees that are in bloom right now, the picture to the left shows some of the trees on campus here at UW). We might take him on a ferry to one of the islands - a first for us. Plus we'll feed him some yummy Seattle sushi, and do whatever else we can that sounds like fun.

To get ready for some visitors, my Studly Hubby spent the day yesterday cleaning up the apartment and getting us caught up on laundry etc. What a treat for me! I was so thrilled to come home to a clean house with nothing to stress about. Aaaahhh, what luxury...

Have a happy Wednesday everybody!

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Peggy said...

Hey! I hope you post a Daddy n Daughter photo! Hi to Tom and I hope you guys have a fantastic visit!!