Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Furniture!

We got our new furniture and arranged it thusly (don't you like that word?) in our living room:

We love it! It's so comfortable I keep falling asleep on it. Next up: pillows that 'bring the whole room together' (anybody know what movie that's from?). For this we may pull out the sewing machine and go to some fabric stores. I'm thinking about making FOUR pillows, so that we can have them all over the place. The two you see on the couch are from our previous apartment - they matched our old curtains. When I bought the fabric and the pillow inserts I thought for some reason that they would be much bigger. Now I know better.

We also acquired a rowing machine this weekend:

Our neighbors are moving out and put a bunch of junk out in the yard, including this fine-looking rowing machine. We then added some things of our own to the junk pile - there's nothing like a big neighborhood junk pile. Today the only things left are a pillow and two brooms, so clearly the neighborhood made use of the junk in the pile. The Studly Hubby has already used the rowing machine twice. I'm kind of afraid of it. In the background you can see our fireplace, which I am also afraid of. I prefer sitting on the new couch to trying to figure out complicated things like rowing machines and fireplaces.


MJ said...

The new couch looks fantastic! And your apartment seems super cute!!

Kathy said...

your furniture is great and i love the word thusly :) i may have to use it!

rowing in front of a fire might be too hot! ha

love you, west coast girl!

Anonymous said...

wonderful new furniture! we still have our old college crap furniture. thusly, we are jealous of you guys.
watch out for that rowing machine--i dated a rower for a while and he said while it gives guys a nice firm round ass, it gives women rowers a firm flat ass.

Peggy said...

Dang!! It looks like the apartment of grown-ups. I love the new sofa!!

uncle bruce said...

You have cute new furniture and a bright, pleasant room, at least it looks that way in the picture. I like what peggy said!

Real rowing is fun if you can do it. We tried it for a while before we had kids. Is there a river and a rowing club on it?