Monday, March 26, 2007

Things to do at Green Lake

We are starting to train for the Vancouver half-marathon (13 miles), so we ran 7 yesterday at Green Lake. It was quite a challenge - I'm trying to speed up to a decent pace (12 min/mile is fast for me) and that was a two-mile increase from last week (plus we skipped a short run last week because my dad was visiting). I was sore enough last night that it actually interfered with my sleep - or maybe it was the Pig-Dog we're dogsitting right now.

While we were diligently trotting around Green Lake I made a mental note of all the interesting stuff going on there (most of which goes on every weekend):

1. A Poet - at a little table with a sign "POET" - that I presume will write poems for anybody who asks. We've never asked so I don't know what the cost is. Every Sat and Sun the table is there and someone is sitting down at it looking busy.

2. A Spanish teacher - an old guy that wanders around the lake with a vest on that says "SPANISH LESSONS" - he is often walking beside someone speaking Spanish with him, so he seems to get some business. It occurred to me that he must burn a lot of calories walking around the lake all weekend, too.

3. Weird-looking ducks. They look like ducks (and they hang with the ducks) but have a shorter body length and are darker in color. I can't find a picture of them and we only started seeing them recently so I haven't had a chance to take a picture yet. I'll try to get a picture and post it and see if anybody knows what they are.

4. LOTS of different kinds of dogs, most of them trying to visit each other and all of them looking totally thrilled. Since we've been dog shopping a little bit, I've been familiarizing more with the dog breeds so I try to guess them as we pass. Unfortunately I never know whether I'm right but it's still fun.

After our 7-mile run yesterday we took Pig-Dog on a 3 mile walk to wear him out - he was pretty excited to be hanging out with us, as anybody would be. I think we wore ourselves out pretty good too - but the Studly Hubby kept on going last night and rearranged some furniture to get ready for our new couch, which will be arriving on Tuesday.

Have a good week everyone!

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Anonymous said...

i wonder if those birds you're seeing at green lake are loons? also, if you guys do end up getting a dog, i recommend a mutt from the pound. they're less prone to get weird diseases and ailments since they aren't inbred, they really really need homes, they're much less expensive, and the joy of guessing what their mix might be is endless.