Wednesday, March 15, 2006

writing writing writing

Ever since I got back from my blissful trip to Florida I have been writing like mad to get a grant done for my next position. This thing is due April 5, but I have to have it done a few weeks before to give my new boss sufficient time to look it over and make changes. This whole thing makes me nervous for several reasons. First, it is my first real interaction with my new boss and I don't want him to think I'm a moron, or worse, I don't want to find out he's a moron; second, this project is one of two that I hope will carry me into a brilliant and bright future, so every time I see a competitor in the literature or think of a potential roadblock I have a small anxiety attack; third, this stuff is not the stuff I'm used to writing about, so at first I felt like I was writing in French (having to first learn the language before I could start writing); fourth, having just gotten back from a conference I went into this whole ordeal a little short on time and out of breath, so I have to make tracks and get it done fast, which always sucks when you're facing all the above challenges.

Needless to say, I've been pretty much glued to my computer for the past week (since I only play computer-boggle in my spare time) and am starting to have some good old-fashioned chronic computer-user problems to complain about, like an enormous headache that hits right about 3 pm every day and a butt that's numb just about all the time. Since I'm not normally at my computer this much (it's usually less than 10% of my day), I had to make a few adjustments. First, I put my computer on top of three textbooks on my desk, so the monitor is the same height as my head. That took care of the headache. Then, I came up with a genius plan to make myself get up from my computer every hour or so to give my numb butt (and bleary eyes) a break. I skip lunch entirely, and only grab a little food at a time. That way, every hour, I get a little hungry and thus get up and go pilfer in the kitchen. This also keeps me refilling my water glass. We have pretty healthy food in our kitchen, like cookies and Dove dark chocolate, so I believe this keeps the calories down too.

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KT said...

You are still invited for free food and 1/2 price drinks at "drink" downtown at 4. If you can't make it we all understand, but we'd love to see you.