Monday, March 13, 2006

Home Safe and Snow

We got home late Sat night and I slept like a rock, then got up to go teach my Sun morning spin class only to realize when I got there that the sub I had gotten and then tried to cancel didn't get my message (mostly because I cancelled the wrong sub) and was there to teach anyhow. So I took the class from her, which was a refreshing relief, and then came home exhausted and slept most of the rest of the day. I did take a few breaks to eat the cookies my husband had made, watch the new Harry Potter movie my husband bought for me while I was gone (thanks Studly Hubby!), and give my husband a few presents I got for him in Orlando - a Mickey wizard magnet, a huge bag full of every color M&Ms ever made, a plastic killer whale lunch box, a little Epcott soccer ball, and a mickey barrett. Ok the barrett was for me but I showed it to him anyway and he wore it around for a bit.

Then starting last night the Minnesota Snow started coming down, so that when I woke up this morning it looked like the picture on the left (the snow-covered car on the street is my previously mentioned Super-Camry) - this was taken from our front porch. I would like to demonstrate the contrast I dealt with this weekend, so I am also including a picture from Sat night at our hotel in Orlando. This was after the conference was over, as we were waiting for our airport taxi and hanging out at the hotel pool (our hotel is on the left, an adjacent hotel on the right, and someone else's kid is in the foreground). You may be able to make out the swan boats on the lake - yes, these are real swan-shaped paddle boats. Apparently these are big in Orlando, at Sea World they had similar paddle boats that looked like pink flamingos. Only the pink flamingos were all tilted to one side because they each had a dad on one side weighing it down and their kid on the other side. I guess the dad's, especially the heavy ones, really go for those pink flamingos.


Peggy said...

I think it is snowing all over the northern hemisphere!

Derek said...

That column in the picture makes us look like we live in a Greek temple. Rock!