Friday, March 10, 2006


We've begun the science, and boy is it science-ey! Synopsis:

- we found out Epcott is indeed mostly outside and went there yesterday afternoon for an afternoon around the world and a few science rides to boot
- we came back, I practiced my talk till I lost my voice
- went to bed, slept well
- spent next day hanging with a super-great chick we met from NIH
- we saw some talks, some great, some not so much
- I gave my talk, it went well, got a crowd of well-wishers afterwards which is a good sign
- had some interesting conversations with a few of the well-wishers
- picked up some toothpaste and dental floss at the vendors during the poster session, and bought an electric toothbrush for 1/3 the retail price - victory is mine!
- went to a U of M reception, for some reason one of the NIH administrators was there and sat at our table and engaged us in a totally interesting and hilarious conversation about fruit flies
- was joined by the chick from NIH who had tracked us down to invite us to dinner with her and her buddies from Colgate
- went out to dinner with Colgate buddies, got free booze, sushi, dessert, and some more interesting conversation (isn't this what these conferences are all about? wow, what a rush of free sushi)
- came back to hotel room, blogged before passing out

*currently passing out

one more day to go!

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Derek said...

You are such a good "networker" womang!

I miss you!