Monday, March 06, 2006

Packing ...!

Packing can be such a nightmare. Especially when you're going someplace where you have to dress differently than what you're used to - i.e. Florida, a slightly dressy conference, etc (both of which is what I'm going to). I actually had a nightmare last night about packing - I dreamt I packed all the wrong stuff but didn't realize it until I got there. I woke up thinking, wow, I better give myself extra time to make sure I get all the right stuff packed. And here I am, my Studly Hubby is out running errands for me so I have more time to pack and I dread it so much I get on the blogger to sit here and complain about it instead of just doing it.

complain, complain, complain

(sits and complains internally for a while)

groans aloud

...decides maybe to go pack...

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Peggy said...

Please be sparing about what you pack! The less you bring, the happier you will be. Trust me on this one. You wouldn't believe what some people think is an acceptable amount of luggage for one week! I went away to Paris to visit a friend for the weekend and only had one little carry on. I felt so smug walking past the luggage carrousels. Think of that care-free-not-attached-to-earthly-possessions sort of world-traveler feeling you will have. Naturally you will look great because you have chosen each versatile item very carefully. Someone who owns THOSE BOOTS will understand.