Monday, March 27, 2006

Do you recognize this man?

That's right, it's Superman. But beneath the skin-tight blue shirt and widely recognized S emblem, it is yet another Iowa-born Hollywood star, Brandon Routh. I went to the University of Iowa with him! He's only one class below me!

That's right, Iowa puts out some handsome men... good thing I nabbed my Studly Iowa Hubby from there before he also got lured to Hollywood.


katie said...

Isn't ashton kutcher from Iowa too...or am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

hey! it's Kathy

so you went to school with Superman huh? ha!

In response to the comment about Aston Kutcher, yes he is from Cedar Rapids, and went to middle school with our daughter Sheila :)

hope all is going well with you!

J-Funk said...

Hi Kathy, welcome to my blog! That's neat that Sheila went to middle school with Ashton Kutcher, I'll have to brag about that. I think that definitely deserves bragging rights.