Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I've finished the first draft of the grant I'm writing, and sent it over to my future boss to read. I got some extremely helpful advice from a former colleague and rewrote it several times so hopefully it's ok. Since my new boss hasn't actually bossed me yet, I'm not sure what his bossing techniques are and so I'm waiting and wondering what this will be like.

I guess the midwest got some major snow yesterday. We never saw it, which is weird, because I think we're part of the midwest. It stayed well south of us, and dumped all over Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio (still waiting to hear about Iowa, they never mention Iowa on CNN so I have to rely on my relatives). Late-March snow is always a wild scene. If I wasn't so busy I would have really enjoyed ours - it's perfect, sunny, nice weather for skiing or whatever. I'm usually way too busy in March to enjoy the snow though.

Speaking of a busy March, I got CPR trained on Saturday and reflected on all the busy March CPR trainings I've had to endure. The first was a week before my comps. Last year, it was in between some big lectures I was giving and while I was fighting to get a paper out. This year, it was during major grant and thesis writing. And it seems like I always have a conference or somewhere to go in March. Why is March always so busy?

Well, you'll all be happy to know that now I'm super-CPR trained. I can go out and fight CPR crime wherever I go with the zest of a recently minted Red Cross certification. Yea!

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