Sunday, March 19, 2006

All the Pretty Snow

We got even more snow this week, and a friend of mine up north (on the southern shore of Lake Superior, in Wisconsin) said they got 26 inches of snow, highways were closed, and she got stuck in a sleepy town an hour away from where she meant to be. She got her thesis finished in her isolation, so it sounds like she made the best of it.


I hate it when people remind me of my thesis, especially when they remind me of it by finishing theirs. But, I will be happy for her anyway (grits teeth) (sighs again)

Here's some good news: in the middle of the throes of my grant-writing, I found out I won an award! It's an award given by my program that has some c-c-c-cash attached to it, which I will dutifully spend on a new bike to replace the one that was stolen this winter. I think I got the award because I convinced my boss to write me a GOOD letter of recommendation. Actually, it was probably that really spectacular paper I got accepted and published last fall, or maybe a combination of the two. Anyhow, now I'm at last an awardee with some c-c-c-cash on hand.

And now for a bit of gross news: I seriously dug into my belly-button tonight and found some really old-looking lint. I think maybe I outta clean that thing out more often.

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auntie M said...

Darling Doctor Pistacio! I have visited your blog and am in awe of your literary abilities. Lots of love,
Auntie M