Sunday, March 05, 2006

Party with my gals

I went out last night for a party with the gals that was conveniently located at the restaraunt only two blocks away. We started it off with real dinner and a bottle of wine and wound up buying more booze and a large piece of cake, then tootling off to the movie theater a few miles down the way (the sober one drove). At the theater we kicked back and watched Memoirs of a Geisha, which in our post-booze and post-chocolate cake haze was completely hysterical. I came home after midnight, knocked everything in our apartment over on the way to the bedroom, then couldn't find my pajamas and fell over my desk chair trying to get into bed. I'm pretty sure my husband didn't sleep through all that.

In my chronically full and serious life these days a night on the town was exactly what I needed, although I ended up sleeping in a few hours later than I intended this morning and getting started yet a few more hours after that - certainly not something I could schedule every day. But it was a good reminder to me to keep having fun even when things are getting really serious.

So on that note, I seriously plan to have some fun next week while I'm in Orlando for the dental conference. I'm giving a talk on Friday but before that I'll be visiting Sea World, Disney World, the hotel swimming pool (which has a water slide!) and as many restaraunts and umbrella drinks as I can find. I'm taking three swimsuits baby! Watch out (and shield your eyes - I've been in Minnesota all winter and have not a sunspot on me).


CTG said...

cool. I am going to orlando in May for ASM. never been to asm. I feel proud to at last be a card-carrying member of the Microbiology profession after hiding out in "immunology" all those years. :)

J-Funk said...

Do they have immunology at ASM?

I've also never been to ASM but this dental conference is similarly huge. I'll let you know if I discover anything super-great in Orlando! It's funny we keep going to the same places. Is it always like that? Maybe after fifteen years of it we'll start getting sick of Orlando and Copenhagen. For now it's pretty fun.