Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Big Iowa Wedding

We just returned from a super-quick jaunt down to Iowa to see my cousin get married in quite a good show. She had the fully-decked-out deal going on; big chapel, big dress, lots o' guests, all the wedding traditions, etc. She must be exhausted now, but I'm sure it was probably worth it. I went for most of that myself and didn't regret it. You do regret having to write all those thank-you cards, but I guess that's worth all the loot you take home from it. That was some good loot, too!

I tried to take lots of pictures but churches are tough, the lighting is never good so not only do you blind everyone with your flash but you also never get all that much that's good (although we got a lot of good stuff at our wedding because we were outside - that's one big plus of doing it outside). For our wedding, our photographer took a good sweet year to get us all our pictures back so I was really grateful to everyone who had taken pictures, and was still grateful even after we got the photographer's pictures back - the ones my friends and family took were really good!

The reception of this weekend's wedding was at a Mississippi River Museum, complete with a live alligator and rattlesnake (behind glass of course). The rattlesnake lured my Studly Hubby into its hypnotizing gaze; the alligator did the same to my mom. In the end, I had to drag them both away by their scruffs and smack some sense into them in the parking lot. It was an interesting reception venue, I rather enjoyed the change of scenery from the usual fancy hotel reception scene. The food was surprisingly yummy too. Well done!

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