Sunday, March 26, 2006

What! It's getting warmer...?

What a shocker! The world is getting warmer. Actually the shocker is that everyone seems to finally be admitting it (although the US still doesn't want to do anything about it). For a depressing but informative synopsis, read this article from Time (put out by CNN)

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Peggy said...

It's sure scary. Especially those of us who live near the sea. (!) We can recycle, drive smaller cars, stop driving altogether, compost all the kichen waste and get wind generators but until big industry is reigned in, all our small efforts are a drop in the bucket. I take comfort in the fact that the biggest concrete jungle still has grass growing up between the cracks. The earth will win in the end. We humans will screw things up and make it impossible for our life to continue, but the earth will still be here.