Thursday, March 23, 2006

Conference Mania

I've had two dreams in a row now that I'm at a conference, and they were so much fun I thought I'd share.

In the first, I went with the post-doc in our lab and he had to give four talks (similar to the four talks I found out my Dad had to give at his recent Fla conference, obviously that traumatized me enough to dream about it). The second talk the post-doc gave was an immunology (ick) talk, and I blazenly skipped it and had a margarita by the pool in the beautiful weather while watching my boss enjoy the going down the waterslide.

The second dream I had was a little more vague. My Studly Hubby's friends were there, and I broke my foot or something so they carried me to this to conference party where somehow we all got separated and I had a few adventures and then found them again just in time for a big group picture.

Sometimes, when you're stuck in front of your computer for weeks at a time, you really look forward to all the fun you may have in your dreams. This is one of those times.

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