Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I haven't really watched enough of the winter olympics this year but I thought I'd blog about it anyway. There's some good stuff going on! I can't say what, specifically, because I don't know. But! It's good! The ladies at work have been talking it over and hashing it out, apparently there's some speed skater hottie (Apolo Anton Ohno, below, he's from Seattle!) who has a little goatee and a baby-soft face that they love but I saw him and he's not that hot. The image, at left, was hijacked from a website, Dave Black's Photography, that has some really spectacular images from both the winter and summer games, as well as some other good stuff. It probably isn't too hard to get spectacular pictures from the olympics - so maybe that isn't that impressive, but they're always fun to look at.

I think they should have the next winter games in Minnesota. They love winter here! They live for it! They say, 30 below, bring it on man!! The problem is we don't seem to get very much snow anymore, or at least it's not very predictable, and we don't have any good mountains or even hills for downhill skiing (although there's something because there are a few places to go skiing). Also, it may actually be too cold for the weiner rest of the world that isn't really into hanging around outside when it's 30 below.

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mwz said...

Tonight, we saw a speed skater named "Wang Meng" and for some reason it made me think of you.